Mr.M. Rajesh Naidu

Mr. Rajesh Naidu Munirathnam, aged 50 years, is the Managing Director of our Company. He
holds Bachelor of Commerce degree from Andhra University. He hails from agricultural family
and has more than a decade of experience in the field of agriculture. Under his leadership, our
Company diversified into Bio Fuels Cultivation and gradually transformed into Horticulture
business by cultivating fruits and vegetables. He is instrumental in our Company entering into
retail space under the Name “GENERA FRESH” in Hyderabad. He is responsible for Business
Strategies and steering the Business operations of our Company viz., Business Development,
Price & Vendor Negotiations, Project Implementation and Execution.


Mrs. M. Kalpana Raj

Mrs. Kalpana Raj Munirathnam holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Kakatiya Univesity.
She has more than a decade of experience in the Agri Marketing. She is responsible for Human
Resource and Internal Administration Functions of our Company.